Active AWPA Proposed Evaluation Methods (PEM)

Proposed Evaluation Methods are not Standards.  They are a means of publishing methods for evaluating the performance of a preserved and/or protected wood product.  This enables laboratories to "test drive" these methods and provide feedback to AWPA Technical Committee P-6 to improve them, based on real-world experience.  Usually, PEMs found useful are ultimately proposed to Technical Committee P-6 to be adopted as "E" Standards.  For more information on PEMs, please consult Section 6 of the AWPA Technical Committee Regulations.  To submit a proposal to revise or renew a PEM, click here to download the PEM Proposal Form.

The text of the following current Proposed Evaluation Methods (PEM) are found in the Members Only section of the website.  Members may click here to log in, non-members may contact AWPA to request an electronic copy of a PEM:


PEM-08 (2011)  Method for Determining the Leachability of Wood Preservatives from Decking

PEM-09 (2012)  Method for Evaluating the Durability of Treated Wood Products in a UC3A Field Exposure

PEM-14 (2014)  Standard Field Test Method for Evaluation of Wood Preservatives to be Used Above Ground (UC3B):  Mini Double Layer Method

PEM-15 (2015)  Method of Testing Surface Applied Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Cultures

PEM-18 (2015)  Field Evaluation of Supplemental Preservative Pastes for Protecting Wood Posts and Poles 

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