AWPA e-Newsletter: May 2020


COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we at AWPA are concerned about your wellbeing. Please continue to monitor guidance issued by federal, state, and local health officials, including We sincerely hope that you remain healthy and safe during this difficult time. AWPA remains open and available, so please reach out to us if we can be of assistance. The 116th Annual Meeting at Lake Tahoe has been cancelled, but to satisfy our requirement to hold an Annual Meeting, the AWPA Executive Committee will host a short "business session" in conjunction with AWPA's 2020 Fall Technical Committee Meetings. More information and the date of the session will be provided at a later date and after arrangements have been made. AWPA is currently publishing its 2020 Proceedings, and all speakers are encouraged to submit their papers for publication as soon as possible.


2020 AWPA Book of Standards is Now Available!

Did you know that most of the funding for AWPA’s standards development process comes from the sale of the AWPA Book of Standards? Every treating plant, laboratory, specifier, and inspector should have a current edition on-hand, so please be sure to purchase updated copies each year to help AWPA cover the cost of standards development. If you don’t have the 2020 edition, your standards are already outdated! This edition is available as a hefty 674-page printed book, a searchable read-only USB drive, or a printed book/USB combination. To order online, visit the AWPA online store – please note that AWPA members must log in to the store to obtain discounted member pricing (click here if you’ve forgotten your store password). If you prefer to order by mail or fax, a form may be downloaded by clicking this link.


AWPA Welcomes New Member

Here is our newest member...congratulations and welcome to AWPA!

  • Todd Von Stein, DesignCo


In Memoriam

It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the passing of the following AWPA member and friend. We extend our most sincere condolences to the family, friends, and business associates of this former AWPA member:

  • Dale Thompson passed away March 3, 2020.  He was a Senior Technician for AEP and a member of AWPA since 2007.


2020 Membership Renewal

We understand that in these challenging times, renewing one’s AWPA membership may not be a high priority. If you’re an AWPA member who hasn’t renewed for 2020 yet, please rest assured that we’re delaying suspension of memberships so that you won’t be affected.  If you wish to renew now, log into the AWPA Members’ store then click on “Membership Renewal” under “Categories” on the left-hand side of the page. If you’ve forgotten your online store password, click here. If you are not currently an AWPA member, please consider applying for membership at this time. For more information, please contact AWPA.


Standards Scheduled for Withdrawal

All AWPA Preservative/Protectant standards must be reaffirmed within five years of the latest adoption or reaffirmation year. The following AWPA “P” standards will be automatically withdrawn if not reaffirmed this year: P20, P48, P49, P50, P52, P53, and P58. Note that reaffirmation of “P” standards requires submission of available performance data – please consult Guidance Document I for additional information. All other classes of standards must either be revised (or reaffirmed if no revisions are needed) within five years of the latest adoption, revision, or reaffirmation year. The following standards will be automatically withdrawn if not revised or reaffirmed this year: A17, A31, A48, A49, A65, E4, E5*, E7, E8, E9*, E13, E17, E20, E25, E26, E27, E29, M4, M13*, M20, and M24. A standardization proposal form may be downloaded from the AWPA Standards Activity web page, but note that the deadline for proposals for the Fall 2020 standardization cycle is Wednesday, July 08, 2020. All proposals timely received in the proper format will be considered during the Fall Technical Committee Meetings in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 20-24, 2020. (NOTE: an asterisk* in the above list of standards indicates that a proposal has been received as of May 6, 2020.)


2020 Fall Technical Committee Meetings

Please make plans to attend the Fall Meetings which will take place at the Hotel Eldorado in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 20-24, 2020. As a reminder, no task group meetings will be scheduled during the week of Committee meetings. Task Group Chairs: Please be sure to complete your work well in advance of the meeting, submit minutes to the Technical Committee you’re responsible to, and be prepared to provide a brief report during the Committee meetings. At this time, it appears that the meetings will occur as scheduled, and arrangements are being made to allow for more spacing at each event. We plan to open registration for the meeting and provide hotel reservation instructions by mid-June. We look forward to seeing you there!


Upcoming AWPA Meetings

  • Summer 2020 Executive Committee Meeting: Birmingham, Alabama. Date/Location to be determined
  • 2020 Fall Technical Committee Meetings: Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Hotel Eldorado, September 20-24, 2020