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AWPA is always glad to respond to media inquiries.  Please keep in mind that our primary role is the development of wood protection standards in an open, ANSI-accredited, consensus-based process.  Essentially, our organization is neutral and does not promote one AWPA standardized product over another.  Our secondary function is the education of our members and the public on recent developments in the science of wood protection.  We do not normally maintain or publish information on market trends or product pricing.  For more information on AWPA Standards, products which meet AWPA Standards, or unbiased information on wood protection technologies in general, please contact us


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ANSI O5.1-2022  Specifications and Dimensions of Wood Poles is now available (October 2022)


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About AWPA:  Founded in 1904, the American Wood Protection Association is a non-profit organization which promulgates voluntary treated wood standards.  AWPA Standards are developed by its technical committees in an open, ANSI-accredited, consensus-based process that involves individuals from all facets of wood protection, including producers, end users, and those with a general interest in treated wood products.   AWPA Standards are directly referenced in the major model building codes and are recognized worldwide.  AWPA charges no mandatory fees for the consideration or listing of products in its Standards, and has no financial interest in the use of any wood preservative or treated wood product.  The use of AWPA standards helps to ensure that treated wood products perform satisfactorily for their end-use.  AWPA believes that a consensus-based process is necessary to develop technically competent, credible standards.  Membership in AWPA is open to all interested individuals, and committee meetings are open to all persons, whether or not they are members of the Association.  Visit us online at


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