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Wood treaters have known the value of AWPA for over 100 years.  AWPA has served as the Standards developer for the wood treating industry, and continues to be specified by organizations from all over the world.  Our ANSI-accredited standards development process is fair, affords due process to all participants, and is relatively fast compared to other standards developers.  Successful treaters are involved in the standardization process because they know that their knowledge is helping the entire industry move forward on a level playing field.

Why should I be a member of AWPA?
AWPA membership gives the member an inside view of the standard development process.  The information and knowledge to be learned from suppliers, customers, competitors, government and academia in this professional environment is invaluable in better understanding our industry and ones own business.

Why should I use AWPA Standards?
This is one of the most important reasons that AWPA exists.  The standards developed by AWPA are created in a professional atmosphere where the largest collection of wood protection experts anywhere in North America convenes to evaluate wood preservatives and other types of wood protection in the only peer reviewed, consensus-based, ANSI-accredited organization for examining wood protection.

Why should I be involved in the standards development process?
For starters, standards ultimately save money for most organizations.  By establishing the properties of various products, standards provide uniformity in application as well as a clear definition of product characteristics.  This can lead to product interchangeability and greater public acceptance of certain classes of products.  By becoming an active participant in the standardization process, individuals have better access to new information, can influence the content of standards, and can develop new markets for products.  Click on the logo to see how standards can help your business.


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