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There are no updates to the 2023 AWPA Book of Standards.



There are no errata for the 2023 AWPA Book of Standards.


Activity:  Fall 2023 Standardization Cycle

The deadline for proposals for the Fall 2023 cycle was July 5, 2023 and the deadline for comments was August 29, 2023.  All proposals submitted were considered during AWPA's 2023 Fall Technical Committee Meetings which took place September 17-20, 20232 in Denver, Colorado.  Letter ballots were released to committee members on October 11, 2023 and are expected to close on November 10, 2023 or until a 60% return rate is achieved, whichever is later.  All committee member votes are cast within the Standards Development Platform (member login required).  Any proposals receiving negative votes or objections will be subject to the Negative Resolution Process, and then to Recirculation Ballot if required during the months of November and December.  The AWPA Executive Committee will perform a procedural and legal review thereafter, taking final action to ratify proposals at their January 2024 Meeting.  The resulting proposed revisions, reaffirmations, and new standards will be promulgated in the 2024 AWPA Book of Standards.

Download the Summary of Fall 2023 Proposals


All interested parties are welcome to attend Technical Committee Meetings to discuss the proposals, or to submit written comments during the Committee review and/or General Committee ballot periods.  The complete proposals are available to all AWPA members for online review and commenting in the Standards Development Platform.  Those who are not members of a committee considering a particular proposal during letter balloting (after committee meetings have occurred) may submit a public comment by downloading and using the Public Comment Form (in Microsoft Word format).


Submission of Standardization Proposals

Proposals to create a new standard or to revise, reaffirm, or withdraw a standard may be submitted at any time.  The deadline for each Fall standardization cycle is 75 days prior to the commencement of the Fall Technical Committee meetings.  Proponents must contact AWPA Staff well in advance of the deadline to request creation of a work item for the subject standard(s).  While there is no cost to submit a proposal for consideration during the Fall cycle, there are administrative costs associated with submitting an urgent or time-sensitive proposal for the Spring cycle and calling a special meeting of the committees with jurisdiction.  Contact AWPA for more information.

Any person may submit a proposal to create, revise, reaffirm, or withdraw an AWPA Standard.  Such proposals must be submitted in accordance with AWPA's Technical Committee Regulations and at least 75 days prior to the commencement of the Fall Technical Committee Meetings.  Proponents must contact AWPA Staff well in advance of the deadline to request creation of a work item for the subject standard(s).  AWPA Members have access to the AWPA Standards Development Portal to submit proposals and comment on proposals after they have been submitted.  The login for the portal is the same one members use on the main AWPA website. The article "How to Add a Proposal" will guide you through using the Standards Development Platform to add a proposal to a standard.  (Non-members will need to submit proposals by email using the standardization proposal form in Microsoft Word Format.)


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