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As the principal consensus-based standards writing organization which serves the needs of users, producers, and those generally interested in wood protection in the United States, AWPA also has significant influence internationally. AWPA Standards are written to safely and effectively extend the service life of natural products which come from our most valuable renewable resource - our forests. The Standards are recognized and used by customers worldwide, who purchase and use treated wood for applications in the building products, electrical, marine, railroad transportation, and road construction industries.

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AWPA Standard U1 is the primary standard for preservative treated wood products.  It contains general information and specifications in Sections 1 through 6, and specific requirements for different types of wood products in Commodity Specifications A through K.  AWPA U1 is published in the printed editions of the AWPA Book of Standards, in the AWPA Standards Library (our subscription platform), and through various online resellers.  A downloadable copy of U1 itself may be purchased by clicking this link and typing AWPA U1 in the search box.  To view the general provisions of AWPA U1, click here to download an excerpt containing Sections 1 through 6 of the standard.


How to propose revisions to AWPA Standards

Any person may submit a proposal to create, revise, reaffirm, or withdraw an AWPA Standard.  Such proposals must be submitted in accordance with AWPA's Technical Committee Regulations and at least 75 days prior to the commencement of the Fall Technical Committee Meetings.  Proponents must contact AWPA Staff well in advance of the deadline to request creation of a work item for the subject standard(s).   AWPA Members have access to the AWPA Standards Development Portal to submit proposals and comment on current proposals.  The login for the portal is the same one members use on the main AWPA website. The article "How to Add a Proposal" will guide you through using the Standards Development Platform to add a proposal to a standard. (Non-members will need to submit proposals by email using the standardization proposal form in Microsoft Word Format.)


How to obtain AWPA Standards

The complete AWPA Book of Standards may be purchased directly from AWPA as a printed book or as an online subscription (single and multi-user) viewed via internet browser.

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If you need only a few AWPA Standards, we offer our standards on an a-la-carte basis through our  standards partner, Accuris.  Click here to purchase and download individual AWPA Standards from Accuris.  (Note that this link takes you to an external website not owned or operated by AWPA)

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