Organization and Use of Standards

AWPA Standards are generally organized by treatment method, type of finished product, and preservatives.

Use Category System Standards

Use Category System (UCS) Standards:  U1 and T1 are the primary Standards for specifying treated wood products.  The UCS was developed as a format revision of the Commodity (C) Standards and was not intended to make substantive technical changes to those Standards.  The UCS contains definitions of the various Use Categories, a Service Conditions section, a Treated Wood Use Selection Guide, a list of AWPA accepted preservative systems, a Guide to Use Categories and various Commodity Specifications relating to specific product types such as sawn products, utility poles, piling or fire retardant applications.

Preservatives/Protectants Standards

The Preservative/Protectant (P) Standards contain specifications for all AWPA accepted wood preservatives and fire retardants.

Hydrocarbon Solvent Standards

Standards for Hydrocarbon Solvents (HS) contain the specifications for preservative/protectant carriers for oilborne or solvent borne systems.

Analysis Method Standards

The Analytical (A) Standards specify the acceptable procedures for testing preservatives and wood treated with preservatives. These tests encompass physical properties, chemical composition, purity of preservatives, and the results of treatment; i.e., preservative retention and penetration in the treated product.

Miscellaneous Standards

These "M" Standards include general guidelines and procedures, as well as other supplementary information.

Evaluation Standards

The Evaluation (E) Standards describe standardized laboratory and field test methods for the evaluation of preservative treatments and treated wood.  These methods can be used to develop data packages in support of the acceptance of a preservative or treated commodity into the AWPA Book of Standards.



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