AWPA Standards

As the principal consensus-based standards writing organization for the wood treating industry in the United States, AWPA also has significant influence internationally. AWPA Standards are written to safely and effectively extend the service life of our most valuable renewable resource - wood. The Standards are recognized and used by customers worldwide, who purchase and use treated wood for applications in the building products, electrical, marine, railroad transportation, and road construction industries.

AWPA Standards are written, edited and revised as its Technical Committee members work on new developments within the field of wood preservation. The Association conducts annual meetings for  the general membership (April/May) and the Technical Committee members (in conjunction with the annual meeting and in September). Results of the Annual Meeting are published each year in the AWPA Proceedings, and the Book of Standards is updated annually as a result of Technical Committee activities.

Specifying AWPA Standards

When purchasing treated wood products under these Standards, purchase orders, to be complete, should state the specific Standard number or numbers that are pertinent and also cover the following: species of wood, quality of wood products before treatment, requirements for manufacturing, surface preparation, limitations if any, special conditioning, preservative and methods of retention determination. Only those species and preservatives are listed in a commodity specification and standard that have previously been found suitable for use in this particular application, or for which test information has been submitted to warrant their inclusion. When choosing a treated wood product to serve in a specific situation, the purchaser can obtain appropriate recommendations for the preservative-commodity combination from either the treating company or from qualified authorities if the use conditions are carefully described.


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