AWPA Sponsors

AWPA is proud to recognize its Sponsors,  those organizations that have helped us meet our financial needs each year.   These sponsors are also featured on our suppliers and sources pageIf underlined, please click on the name of the sponsor to learn more about them.  Sponsors are arranged by contribution amount, then alphabetically.

Platinum Level Sponsors  


Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors

  • Brown Wood Preserving
  • Acme Wood Preserving, Inc.
  • JH Baxter & Co
  • Langdale Forest Products Co.
  • Nisus Corporation
  • One Source
  • AWPA Past Presidents
  • Etimine USA, Inc.
  • A Meredith Schneider Company
  • A.W. Williams Inspection Company, Inc.
  • American Wood Technology, LLC
  • Arnold Forest Products Corporation
  • Eco Chemical, Inc.
  • Global Fireproof Solutions
  • Grupo Forestal La Ferte S.A. de C.V.
  • Kop-Coat, Inc.
  • Lake States Lumber/Cedar Creek
  • Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc.
  • Quality Borate Co., LLC
  • T.R. Miller Mill Company, Inc.
  • Texas Electric Cooperatives
  • Wood Care Systems
  • Zetex Enterprise, LLC



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