About AWPA's Accreditation by ANSI as a Standards Developer

AWPA is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.  This means that the procedures which govern our Standards development process (the Technical Committee Regulations) have been reviewed by ANSI and are found to be in conformance with the ANSI Essential Requirements.  This contains the elements of due process, consensus, public review, consideration of viewpoints, incorporation of proposed changes into a Standard, and a right to appeal by any participant.  ANSI Accreditation does not imply that all AWPA documents are American National Standards, nor does it mean that ANSI writes or reviews the technical content of any AWPA documents.  Accreditation by ANSI simply demonstrates that AWPA's standards development process is open, consensus-based, and affords each participant with due process.  For more information on ANSI or Accreditation of Standards Developing Organizations, please visit

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